Aleia creates an inteligent, holographic musical sound, that generates expansive brain waves, to heal and harmonize. the vibrational waves in the voice and music of Aleia, create perfect geometrical images that activate both brain hemispheres. This quality in sound has only been found in clasical composers such as Mozart and Hendel. Holographic Harmony Vibration is a concept created by Aleia and Pablo Arellano  compositor reconocido por su profundidad y experiencia en sonido sanador-terapéutico. Sus múltiples composiciones se han caracterizado por su toque expansivo. La particularidad de dicha voz y música fueron probadas por un conocido científico norteamericano Dr. Eldon Taylor quien junto con su esposa, crearon un equipo computarizado único capaz de captar las ondas sonoras, su frecuencia y vibración. Este aparato logra proyectar dichas frecuencias en forma de imágenes. Esta hermosa música es altamente sanadora, excelente para estudiar, trabajar, armonizar, relajar y producir endorfinas. La musicoterapia más efectiva se logra cuando el estado interior de quien la compone, ejecuta y/o interpreta, se encuentra en armonía y reconexión  hacia una mayor paz y equilibrio. Realizar música de tal naturaleza implica tener intención y enfoque hacia esta dirección. El cantante y compositor funcionan como amplificadores de su propia vibración sonora y sentimiento, a mayor congruencia y armonía en su vida, mayor sanción para el receptor.

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the precise selection of music intruments, the style of music and the rytmic touch, can be key elements, but the main elements of holographic music is the intention, feeling and experience of the composer. The capacity to involve a listener depends on the composer being at the right vibrational field to be able to transmit the medicine as it is. A part of the composer is going to be shared, directed and amplified to the listener. An example of this is the research made by Mr.Masaru Emoto and his water crystals. He is able to show, how a single thought or the intention of music, make a direct impact in the shapes of the water crystals. Those with high harmony and soothing sounds have the perfect geometrical forms. We are made of 70% water, all vibrations impact our electromagnetic field. The main intention and purpose of Aleia's music is to take the listener, to take a dive in its own energy centers, un block them and then achieve a healing response, that heals our body by resonace. To recieve this medicine, we have nothing but to be open to it, to listen to it with our hearts. You can hear it anywhere, anytime, the song from the album you most like, is often the one that more benefits will bring to you, don't hesitate to listen to it several times. We can also energize the water, charging it with healing crystal, just place your water in a glass container and leave it in your speaker, you can drink this water or give it to all your family, giving excellent healing and relaxing effects. This music is also perefect for children because they resonate inmediately with this holographic sound in virtue of their inocence. Use this music with pregnant women and babies, to have a relaxing and soothing feeling, that will helo you to have a better and more peaceful life. 

Aleia invites us to recognize the true meaning of life: LOVE


“I like to dedicate my life to the awakening of consciousness, I try to serve the best way I can and learn from every step of my path. I seek to flow from my inner energy source, to be able to serve as a pathway to this unique and perfect stream. Life takes a cosmic and universal meaning, to serve and reach out to others, to let our lives flow with sincronicity and magic. I know that the only thing I will take with me, when I go to other worlds, is what I have done for others. My purpose is to live in awareness and aply it in my daily life, contributing to the awakening and evolution to an inner unity, of freedom and enlightment."


 Nature sings to our ears, it impacts our nervious system and our electromagnetic field. She allows us to relax and recognize with our peace within. Comunicating with her is to regenerate, to return to our mother's womb, reestablish lost conections, listen to the water of the river, letting your soul be carried by the sound of the wind, wonder upon trees, listening to all the sounds of our sorroundings is a gift that we must sieze. Nature is the eco, that brings us closer to ourselves, to our own silence, the source of harmony and love. 

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